Sour & Funky Beers

Bretty Claus & The Elf ; Parti Gyle Porter
Saison de Pose; Saison
Harpale Ale; split batch American Pale Ale 
Fletcher; A Sour Brown 
Autumnal Saison; Rye Saison 
Hoppy Amber Ale w/ brettanomyces custersianus
Clean Beers


  1. Do you develop most of your homebrew recipes through a combination of experience and research or do you have a different method for deciding what will go into your beer?

    1. Thanks Ethan. I do a lot of what I like to call research...namely emailed and FB messaging people with my ideas and getting feedback on them. I then look at all the info from people, books, etc and give it a whirl. I also have a stock pile of grains, yeast, and some other adjuncts and that helps me figure out what I need to brew.